Hands interlock
Heart beats fast
Hazel eyes stare
Searching for something hidden

It started as a cliche love story
When a boy met a girl
Teasing her to make her mad
The only way to gain her attention

Feelings reciprocated
First hugs, first kiss, first date
All wonderful but now a memory

Reality came, harsh and uninvited
Waking them both from the dream
No such thing as ‘happily ever after’
For this is life and it’s bitter

Black lids opened slowly
White caught the attention
Flash of incidents replaying

Body is shaking, eyes become blurry
Loud shouts heard from the mouth
For it shows the sorrow hidden

Only now did he realize
It has always been a dream

Just random thoughts, scrambled into one poem. 


One response to “Dreams

  1. Tuing…. Tuing…….

    Di awal….. Kebayang romantisme…
    Di akhir…… Kebayang kesedihan dan kesendirian….


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