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yunho (1)

Jung Yunho


“No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll come back together one day.

“We exist because of Cassiopeia.
We live because of all of you.

“Even if anything were to happen,
I want to be at the front
protecting everyone.”

“When we are together, our joy is multiplied by five.
When we are together, our sorrow is divided by five.”

“Jaejoong is very muscular,
he hast the most beautiful body.”
(Yunjae detected XDD)

“We aren’t members.
We are brothers.

“If TVXQ disbands,
I Will collect all of the members and I will be back to be a leader,
TVXQ’s leader.”

“We have to show the world
what TVXQ is made of.”

“In the whole of Asia,
and the whole of the world,
unti I myself am able to become a
human being I am satisfied with,
I will never cry.”

“I think I’ll give them a good scolding and a cloud
a big hug.”

Cassiopeia, you’re truly the best!”



Park Yoochun

“Tohoshinki means the other part of me.”

“I love my wide forehead.
You can even play soccer on this forehead!”

“You are good looking even
when you cry, Jaejoong.

“I want to hold onto the microphone,
stand on the stage, sing,
and create wonderful memories together.”

TVXQ is a name that is
as valuable to us as our lives.”


junsuKim Junsu

“Yoochun is my wife!”

“He makes fun of me too much!!
Then he laughs at it, it’s annoying.
It’s like he’s in love with me.” (Kim Junsu to Changmin)

“I yearn to be able to hug and kiss on the streets.”

I’ll make you the happiest person.
I’ll sing for you whenever you want me to.” (Kim Junsu to his future wife)

“All of you should love me.”

“If you continue to dream, if you never abandon your dream. It will come true in the end.”

“I want to sing,
I have to sing,
I have to sing till the day that I die.”

“Now, I’m sorry to his fans..
but I’m going to marry Micky.” (Yoosu everyone? XD)

“What I show on the outside is not the real me.
The essence of charisma is not something to be shown,
it lies in the parts that are hidden and cannot be seen.”



Kim Jaejoong

“At times, I really want to become a boyfriend to all of you. I want to listen to everyone’s stories one by one. “

“Even after 20 years, come with your pretty babies to cheer us on. Promise!

“For those of you with no boyfriends,
please give your love to me!”

Love isn’t restricted by time,
because very minute and every second creates
beautiful memories.”

“The stage is where I truly belong.”

“There’s this case of starting out as friends,
and then falling in love without knowing it.
I fell in love this way,
and I’m not sure why it is so.”
(Could it be he’s talking about Yunho? XD They’re best friend right? :3 then >> falling in love x3)

“There are flaws in romance, but love is perfect.”

“I’ll be a husband
who will never grow a beer gut.”

“Yunho. Changmin. Jaejoong. Yoochun. Junsu.
I’m waiting for us…
Let’s wait together.” (#AKTF!)

“Don’t forget DB5K and we DB5K will love Cassiopeia forever too.
So if you really have an affair, I’ll get really mad!”

“It was during our time as TVXQ
that we shone the most
and gave it our all.”

“Men…cry in their heart.”

“When you’re in love,
age is just a number that
shouldn’t be worried about.
Love is something
you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed of.”

“When the five of our voices come together,
there is a special something there.
That is something that I know.”

“I can’t thank you enough for protecting the name of
TVXQ and for keeping the team alive.”

“Since everything is connected,
everything will be alright, right?”



Shim Changmin

“I’d become very talkative and happy. Alcohol is happy thing.

“Whatever five of us does, we can get through it without any fear.”

“The joy of my life,
is the discovery of Junsu’s funniness!

“I think he’s the funniest thing in the world!
I worship him!
My mood really elevates just by watching him.” (Changmin to Junsu)

“The debut day as TVXQ is the most memorable day in my life.”

Separation allows one to learn how to cherish.”

“If I do not exist,
there is no world.”

was basically my entire life from the day of our debut.”


All full Credits: http://dbskquotes.tumblr.com

PS: ini belum semuanya karena ternyata quote dari mereka banyak banget yang keren2 apalagi yunppa :3 dan jaemma bnyk hint ttg yunjae XDD *squealing*

PPS: Untuk Big Bang menyusul ya~ kkk~ cari sourcenya dulu soalny ^^V

2 responses to “Quotes – DB5K

  1. Hi!!! Apa ini puisi bikinan sendiri dari kata2 member TVXQ?
    ah, in deep my heart tvxq alwalys be 5 person forever.
    i’ve been thinking disappointed with them. Actually Yunho, he become leader but cannot remind his member.
    But, i think that’s Ok. I’m not care anymore.
    they must be have reason for doing this.
    Someday they’ll together again.
    Alwalys keep faith A(*0*)A

    • Ini quotes yang pernah diucapkan mereka dan aku gabungin aja gitu hehe :))
      Biar bagaimanapun Yunho masih seorang manusia, ada kalanya dia juga tidak bisa sempurna ^^
      Yes, kita sebagai fans hanya bisa mendukung dengan percaya pada keputusan mereka 🙂

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